Want Your Kids To Have Great Dental Health?

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Resources

Healthy baby teeth can place kids in a great position for having healthy adult teeth. Here’s three simple steps to help your child have good dental health:

1. Aim for 2×2. 
Kids should brush for two minutes twice a day with help from an adult until at least 8 years old.  A great time to let kids begin to transition to brushing on their own is when they start school.  Let them brush for the first minute and have an adult finish off.  All those loose baby teeth and new adult teeth coming through can make it hard for kids to clean everywhere!

2. Drink water not juice or soft drink.
Have your child drink water after eating, especially if they’ve had sugary foods, it helps prevent holes.

3. Visit a child-friendly dentist. 
A dentist who builds a positive rapport with your child will help eliminate fears and anxiety about visiting the dentist.  Having a regular check-up lets the dentist monitor how the teeth are growing, if there’s a good bite and detect early signs of holes.

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As seen in Peninsula Living Magazine (January 2020)