Check Up & Clean – Preventative Dentistry


At our Mona Vale dental practice, we’re big on preventative dentistry. Prevention is always better than cure! Having a thorough check-up and clean allows us to assess your whole mouth, checking for any potential signs of dental issues. 

Our dentists generally recommend that you visit us on a 6-monthly basis for a check-up and clean. This means we can monitor your oral health and detect any issues early on. 

A routine check-up and clean usually consists of the following:


Updating your medical records if need be. 


Making note of any concerns you may have with your current oral health and discussing these with you.


A comprehensive examination of the teeth, gums and soft tissue in your mouth. 


Depending on when you had your last dental X-rays, they may need updating. We offer digital X-rays which allow for immediate assessment. 


Discussion of the findings of your oral assessment with your dentist and, if needed, being presented with a personalised treatment plan.


A scale, polish and fluoride treatment, during which your mouth will get a good clean to remove any build-up of plaque and tartar. 

Check Up and Clean – Preventative Dentistry

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