Options to Replace Missing Teeth

a graphic of a tooth with a magnifying glass to signify options for missing teeth

Options to Replace Missing Teeth

Choosing the right option to replace teeth depends on a number of factors – below is an outline of these options but the best way to find out what will work best for you is to come in for a consultation and we can explain the procedures in detail and what is the best option for you.


  1. Nothing – It is ok to leave a gap especially if the tooth requiring removal is a back tooth or has no tooth opposing it.
  2. Dentures – Dentures are plates that fake teeth can be placed on to restore your smile and bite. They are a great way to replace multiple missing teeth in one treatment option but they are removable and must come out at night.
  3. Bridges – Bridges are a great way to replace a single missing tooth especially if the teeth on either side have already been restored previously. A bridge works by crowning the two teeth next to the gap and then cementing two crowns joined by the  fake/full crown in the middle. The process for placing a bridge is exactly the same as a crown but for multiple teeth.
  4. Implants – Implants can replace single or multiple teeth and even full dentures. One of the great benefits of implants is that they do not affect the adjacent teeth and are an isolated unit just like your natural tooth. They also help to maintain bone height that can drop after having a tooth removed.
    Implant replacement doesn`t happen overnight and requires meticulous planning – a titanium screw is surgically embedded into an exact location in the jaw. Once placed, quite quickly your bone begins growing around the implanted screw. Once the implant has integrated into the bone a crown/bridge/denture can be attached to the implant screw giving you a fixed solution to replacing teeth.
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