Options to Replace Missing Teeth

a graphic of a tooth with a magnifying glass to signify options for missing teeth

Options to Replace Missing Teeth

At Beaches Dental Mona Vale, we offer several options for replacing missing teeth. Our experienced dentists can work with you to help determine the option most suitable for you.

Some of the options for replacing missing teeth include the following:

Leaving It As Is
It’s ok to leave a gap in some cases. For example, where the tooth was at the back of your mouth or has no opposing teeth.

These are custom made plates that prosthetic teeth can be fixed to, restoring your smile and bite. Dentures provide a great way of replacing several missing teeth. They are removable and need to come out at night.

Bridges are ideal for replacing a single missing tooth. A bridge works by crowning the teeth on either side of the gap and then joining them with a ‘bridge tooth’, filling the gap. The process for placing a bridge is similar to that of a crown but done on multiple teeth.

This option for replacing missing teeth requires meticulous planning. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, this option provides a permanent, fully-functioning and natural-looking replacement for missing teeth. Besides the functional and aesthetic benefits of dental implants, they also help maintain bone height which can drop after having a tooth removed.

The process for getting dental implants takes place over several appointments. It involves having a titanium screw embedded into your jaw to which your prosthetic tooth is then attached.

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