Root Canal Therapy

a graphic of a tooth with layers to signify root canal therapy

Root Canal Therapy

When decay reaches the nerve chamber of a tooth it causing infection inside the tooth that eventually extends down the roots of the teeth and into the bone below the tooth. It is this infection that causes toothache and/or swelling. As the nerve chamber becomes infected the tooth can become increasingly sensitive with lingering pain to hot and cold temperatures and as the infection extends to the bone under the tooth pain on eating and pressure can also occur as well as swelling as the infection spreads to surrounding tissues. An infected tooth requires treatment either by root canal therapy or extraction.

Root canal therapy is the cleaning out of the nerve chamber to remove infection inside the tooth and then sealing the tooth back up to allow restoring of the tooth to maintain a functional tooth in your mouth. Teeth that have had root canal therapy will often need larger restorations often a crown as they are weaker and have a higher fracture rate than non root canaled teeth.

Beaches Dental Mona Vale has a root canal specific microscope, apex locators and rotary endodontic systems to make patients as comfortable as possible through out their treatment.

a Mona Vale dentist holding a mouth mirror and a dental probe to prepare for a root canal therapy

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