The Different Types of Dental Crowns and Their Benefits

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Resources

How Many Types of Dental Crowns are There?

There are four main types of dental crowns available. At Beaches Dental Mona Vale, we fit all four crown types, with every crown being fitted to suit  your other teeth, so it’s still your smile!Each type of crown has its benefits and pitfalls. But forearmed is forewarned. Talk to your dentist if you aren’t sure which type of crown is right for you and your dental needs.

The types of crowns available are:

  • Metal (Gold Crowns): Metal crowns are incredibly long-lasting and hardy. However, they have a distinctive gold  colour, so they are generally only used for teeth towards the back of your mouth, like your molars. Although mental crowns don’t necessarily  improve the look of your smile directly, they protect these back teeth, often in cases where minimal preparation of the tooth is required. They can help support future work on more front teeth by strengthening the back teeth and reducing the risk of future wear or fracture. Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns: Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns provide a lot of protection but can also be colour matched to your teeth. They aren’t as strong as metal crowns nor as attractive and realistic as ceramic or porcelain crowns, but for many, they are a great middle ground.
  • Ceramic or Porcelain Crowns: Ceramic or porcelain crowns can provide  an excellent look and colour match. They’re an excellent choice for front teeth, but can be at risk of chipping, especially under load or in patients that grind their teeth. They don’t offer the same level of strength as metal or zirconia crowns but do offer great aesthetic results..
  • Zirconia Crowns: Zirconia (zirconium dioxide) is a type of ceramic. Zirconia crowns are very strong and hard-wearing and are a white colour that can but look almost as natural as porcelain. This is a newer type of crown, and there are a variety of types including porcelain fused to zirconia crowns that help increase the aesthetics of zirconia crowns while still utilizing the strength of zirconia. .

How Are Crowns Fitted?

Whichever type you choose, your crown will be made to fit your smile. Your dentist will take a mould of your existing tooth so a technician can recreate it. For all crown types apart from metal, they will also colour-match your new r crown to the  colour of the surrounding teeth.

Before a crown is fitted, your dentist will need to remove some of the outer layer of your tooth to be able to then place the  crown over it. This is usually done under local anesthesia unless the tooth has had a previous root canal therapy.

What Type of Crown is Best for Teeth?

The best crown type depends on your dental needs.

Metal crowns are great for molars, they’re long-lasting and extremely strong, but they can’t be colour matched. Ceramic or porcelain crowns are better for colour matching, which works well to fix damaged front teeth.

If you’re unsure which crown is best for your tooth, talk to your dentist about options.

What Type of Crown Lasts the Longest?

Dental crowns can be a great long-lasting option to restore a broken down tooth. Depending on your oral health and how you care for your dental  crowns they can last up to 10 to 20 years.In all cases, the more natural tooth structure you have to crown over rather than filling material, the better the prognosis of the crown.  Keeping up with regular dental appointments and good dental hygiene practices can help to improve the length of your crown’s life, whether it is metal, porcelain or zirconia..

A Crowning Glory

Crowns can be a great solution to various dental issues, and they can improve the shape and colour  of your teeth and the look of your smile. With several options to choose from, the best way to choose the right crown is to talk to a dental professional. At Beaches Dental Mona Vale, we’re always around to answer your questions. Get in touch today for a chat or to make an appointment.