Making Tooth Brushing Fun For Kids

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Resources

Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a battle, but it is important to persist and establish these habits from an early age. Teaching your kids to have good oral health can set them on the track to lifelong health. This may minimise the need for fillings and other expensive dental care. Good dental hygiene is fundamental to general health. So, let’s explore some creative ways of making tooth brushing fun for kids.

Buy a Fun Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Bring a little excitement to teeth tooth brushing time with a fun toothbrush. There are so many different options when it comes to kids’ toothbrushes. Perhaps get one with their favourite cartoon character on it, or in their favourite colour. Some toothbrushes play music for the time that your child should spend brushing – a full two minutes. Involve your child in the decision-making process. Let them see that getting their very own toothbrush is important and fun.

Kids often dislike minty toothpaste. There are plenty of fun flavours to try that are specially formulated for kids. Have a chat with your dentist about ideal options.

Create a Reward System

Kids love learning new skills and being rewarded. Creating a fun chart for your kids to track their toothbrushing skills is a great idea. We have one that you can download here. Get some fun stickers for your kids. Each morning and night when they have finished brushing, they can then choose a sticker to place on their chart. It’s a fun way to get your children into healthy habits. 

You can also offer a prize at the end of each month, to reward their persistence. A special prize of their choosing is a great incentive and gives them something to work towards.

Sing a Song

It’s not just about getting your kids to brush their teeth, but to brush them for long enough. Two minutes is the target. A nice way to teach this is by singing a song, maybe incorporating a little dance, that lasts for two minutes. It will make tooth brushing fun and create a happy shared memory.

Use an App

If you’re not a fan of singing and dancing yourself, maybe try an app instead! There are so many apps designed to help you with making tooth brushing fun for your children. The Wiggles have an app – Brush Teeth with The Wiggles. It shows videos of all the characters brushing their teeth. This will motivate your children to follow along. It also has a reward system, so each of your kids can work towards a goal. 

BrushDJ is another great app. It has heaps of fun songs that your kids can brush along to. It also contains how-to videos for flossing and maintaining good oral health. Some other apps incorporate games and challenges. There are a lot of great options to try and you can tailor them to suit your child’s preferences.

Set a Good Example

Children learn by copying your behaviour. If you value brushing your teeth and show good dental care, they will too. Share toothbrushing time at least once a day. Let them see you brushing for a full two minutes, flossing and checking your teeth too. 

All these actions will help instil these good habits in your child. You could even try letting them brush your teeth. It might get a little messy, but your kids will love it. Be sure you’re always promoting a positive message about brushing and oral hygiene.

Wrapping Up

A little effort and planning now can teach your children great habits for life. There are so many ways of making tooth brushing fun. Let brushing be an event that you and your child have planned together. At our Northern Beaches family practice, we are here to help. Our friendly team of dental professionals do all that they can to ensure that every dental appointment is a positive experience. Contact us to learn more about your child’s dental health.