4 Common Reasons You May Need a Dental Filling

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Resources

Why do teeth need fillings, and who needs them?

Dental fillings restore teeth affected by cavities and improve both bite and smile. Anyone considering a dental filling should also learn about dental crowns. These two procedures are common treatments  in the dental world. Your dentist will discuss which treatment is best for restoring your tooth after assessing  the size and severity of your cavity.

Some of the advantages of a dental filling include:

  • Slowing and potentially stopping tooth decay.
  • Protecting fracture-damaged teeth.
  • Creating a more natural-looking colour for your teeth.

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A dental filling is a mostly straightforward treatment, especially for small cavities. Whether you seek it for aesthetics or restoring a hole in the tooth, fillings can be a great option. On examination your dentist will discuss the size and depth of any decay. Small early lesions are often fixed with small composite fillings, while larger cavities affecting multiple surfaces of the tooth may require a larger filling or even a crown to protect it from further damage.  The more  aware of your oral health you are, the better equipped you are to restore it back to optimal health.   Cavities Require Immediate Action

Once decay causes even a small cavity in a tooth it needs  treatment to prevent further tooth structure loss.  Ignoring the hole can result in the cavity only getting larger.  A simple filling can restore the tooth and alleviate the discomfort that may be  associated with minor cavities. For larger cavities, your dentist might recommend a dental crown instead, based on the amount of tooth structure affected.. 

Cavities come with an infection risk, which your dentist will check for during your first visit. If the tooth nerve is infected,  a root canal treatment may be  recommended  to prevent the tooth developing a more  severe infection. This solution can pair with a dental crown to restore the tooth`s aesthetic and functional ability.

A Fractured Tooth Might Need a Dental Filling

A tooth fracture can be big and consist of an almost fully broken tooth. Likewise, it can be as small as some tiny chipped pieces missing from your teeth. If the fracture is not too severe, a dental filling may suffice. The bonding material that applies to your teeth is a natural colour. The material is strong enough to help when you chew. A dental crown is another option  where a filling is not sufficient. A crown  covers the entire top of the tooth down to  the gumline and provides support and protection to the remaining tooth structure.  

Ignoring a fractured tooth may  accelerate decay and lead to discomfort when chewing. 

Tooth Sensitivity

Sometimes a dental filling may irritate the tooth and lead to sensitivity, especially to cold.. This response is common in the first few days after filling your tooth, especially if the filling was large.. The sensitivity should decrease as the nerve settles after the filling. Be gentle to the tooth after treatment and avoid anything too hot, cold or crunchy especially while you are still numb. If the tooth doesn’t settle in a few days or the sensitivity continues to increase in discomfort contact your dentist to let them review the tooth and check for a nerve infection.. 

Replace an Old Filling

Dental radiographs are used to check in between the teeth and under old fillings for signs of decay where your dentist can`t see.. Your dentist can check your old fillings at your 6 monthly  dental checkup. While fillings can last up to 10-15 years, they are susceptible to recurrent decay, especially if defective fillings are left untreated. Replace yours if any damage is found. 

Large  decay on a previously filled tooth may  result in the need for a dental crown. The crown can provide better support when a large amount of the tooth is already gone. In some cases, a root canal is necessary to remove the risk of infection. Get Dental Fillings in Mona Vale

Proud to serve locally, our Mona Vale clinic offers professional dental filling services. Clients receive proper assessment and consultation before any procedure. We perform digital x-rays to check for any damage to your teeth. Our dentists will discuss your diagnosis and treatment options in detail and discuss if fillings or crowns are the best option to restore your tooth, depending on the severity of your hole.

Schedule an appointment for a filling or consult to discuss the treatment options available to you today.  Your new smile awaits!