Oral Health & Dental Diseases


When To Get Dentures

Dentures can be very important if you have missing teeth. People have many reasons why they get dentures. If you have missing teeth, dentures can help restore function and aesthetics to your bite and smile.  But you may have questions about dentures. Some questions...

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures 3: How Do Dental Bridges Work

If you have a missing tooth, a dental bridge can help restore the function and look of your teeth. But you may have questions about getting dental bridges. We aim to help answer these questions before you consider getting a dental bridge to restore your missing tooth....

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures 2: Dental Veneers Pros and Cons

Did you know that over 50% of people suffer from various oral health issues? Some of these problems can make you feel less confident and affect your self-esteem. One way to achieve a brighter smile and enhance the appearance of your teeth is by getting dental veneers....

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures 1: Why Dental Implants?

By adulthood, you will have thirty-two teeth in total, including the molars that erupt later on in life. People commonly overlook dental health as part of their overall wellbeing, which is alarming since adult teeth are permanent, and losing one can affect a person’s...

BRIEF: Is it Safe to Get Dental Fillings During Pregnancy?

Multiple studies have been conducted both in Australia and overseas determining that your dental health can directly affect the overall health of your body. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are well published for such links. Therefore, putting off dental treatments...

What is the Right Age to Use Regular Toothpaste for Toddlers

Tooth decay in children is a big problem all around the world. Around 4 out of 10 Australian children have cavities in their baby teeth. Brushing teeth is the most effective way to prevent cavities from forming and ensuring healthy teeth and gums. But how do you know...

How To Clean A Mouthguard

If you participate in a contact sport or recreational activity, you should wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and jaws from injury. It's also important to know how to clean a mouthguard to keep it in good condition. Sport and active recreation injuries account...

When Should You Start To Brush Baby’s Teeth?

Many parents have questions about when to start brushing their child's baby teeth. This article will cover when you should begin to prevent tooth decay and encourage good oral health. We'll also talk about the mechanics of brushing, what you should use, and how you...

At What Age Does A Baby Start Teething

We all love babies. They coo and giggle, and their smiles are heartwarming. However, one thing can quickly make a smile vanish and leave your baby irritable — teething pain. When babies get their first tooth, it's usually a painful experience and equally stressful for...


Helpful Info


Beaches Dental Mona Vale is part of HICAPS allowing us to process most health fund claims at the time of your appointment leaving only the gap for payment. We do need your card to swipe it to make the payment so make sure you have it with you at your appointment.

We also provide you with a treatment plan outlining the relevant item numbers for you to be able to check with your health fund prior to your appointment to know exactly what will be covered and what your rebate will be.

Please note – Not all health funds are covered under Hicaps (it does cover all major and most minor health funds though). In the case your health fund is not covered you will need to pay the fee in full and claim back from your health fund.


Veterans Affairs provides extensive cover for Gold and White card holders (full and partial cover) we are happy to except both at Beaches Dental Mona Vale as we appreciate the service given by the men and women of the Australian Armed Forces.

The government is allowing $1000 of dental treatment over a two year period for eligible children through your local dentist. MEDICARE should notify you of your eligibility (based on your income for that year) but our reception staff can check for you.

Here at Beaches Dental Mona Vale we are committed to patient safety and following infection control guidelines. Our nurses are all trained in infection control and our sterilising team have 2 autoclaves with surgical tracking to make you to feel safe and confident when receiving treatment.


Please feel free to click here to download our patient information and medical history forms to fill out at home and bring to your appointment

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