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by | Feb 19, 2021 | Resources

Creatively packaged, brightly coloured juices, soft drinks, flavoured teas and energy drinks crowd supermarket shelves. Grocery stores, restaurants, school canteens and sports practice sessions provide countless opportunities every day for kids and adults alike to indulge in these sweet liquid treats. 

But, what about water? 

Your body relies on water to function. After all, a significant percentage of your body (up to 80%) is made up of water. Water facilitates your body’s chemical processes. It helps your body absorb nutrients and get rid of waste. It also helps your body regulate its temperature. And let’s not forget – water is essential for your oral health. 

In this article, we discuss some of the reasons why water is the healthiest drink choice you can make, and how it can benefit your body and mouth.

Why Water is The Healthiest Drink Choice

Good nutrition isn’t only the food you eat; it’s the drinks you consume too. You know your body needs water to function. But statistically, what is it that makes it the healthiest drink choice? The key health factor when it comes to water is the fact that it is 100% sugar-free. Water is also free of any carbohydrates, fibre, starches and fats. Depending on the source of your water, it may contain essential minerals too, such as calcium, fluoride, iron, potassium, and sodium.

There are many health benefits associated with drinking enough water. Let’s look at what some of them are. 

Increased Physical Performance

When you are well hydrated, your body temperature is regulated. You also experience less fatigue and more motivation! Hydration can even minimise the amount of oxidative stress that can occur when you take part in vigorous exercise. 

Enhanced Mood and Brain Function 

Your hydration status majorly influences your brain. Sufficient levels of hydration can boost your energy levels and enhance your mood. It can also result in significant increases in memory and brain performance.

May Help Prevent and Treat Constipation 

Studies have found the magnesium and sodium found in water can improve the frequency and consistency of your bowel movement. If you suffer from constipation, staying hydrated, especially with mineral water, may be beneficial.

Helps Reduce Hangovers

Dehydration is part of the cause of a hangover. So, drinking water between alcoholic beverages and before bed after drinking can help reduce some of the symptoms. 

May Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight

Water increases satiety and can also give your metabolic rate a boost. This is helpful when trying to reach or maintain healthy body weight.

Protection for Your Joints, Spinal Cord and Tissues

Consuming water is beneficial for the lubrication and cushioning of your joints, soft tissues and spinal cord. This makes physical activity more enjoyable and also reduces discomfort associated with conditions such as arthritis.

Can Improve Skin Brightness and Texture 

Drinking enough water keeps your skin hydrated and can assist with collagen production.

Water Intake and Your Oral Health 

Drinking water isn’t just great for your general health, it does a lot of good for your oral health too. If you want to maintain a strong and healthy smile for the long run – drinking water is essential. 

Let’s take a look at how water can benefit your teeth and gums. 

Strengthens Your Teeth 

Tap water contains a key ingredient – fluoride. This naturally occurring mineral is essential for helping strengthen the enamel on your teeth. The stronger your enamel, the better your protection against bacteria and plaque that lead to decay. 

Helps Clean Your Mouth 

When you choose water over sugary drinks, you’re not only keeping hydrated. You’re also helping keep your mouth clean between tooth brushing. Drinking water during and after eating helps rinse away any food particles in your mouth. This means less time for food to linger and feed the bacteria that can cause holes in your teeth. Sugary beverages, on the other hand, encourage bacteria. 

Reduces ‘Dry Mouth’ 

A dry mouth makes an ideal environment for decay to thrive in. Your saliva helps protect your teeth from decay. It contains decay fighting minerals and helps wash away food debris from between your teeth and gums. Enough water intake will allow your mouth to produce the protective saliva it needs. 

Fights Bad Breath 

Following on from the last point – one of the main causes of bad breath is a dry mouth. By staying hydrated throughout the day you can help keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh. 

Wrapping Up 

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should drink water, including several oral health benefits. It’s important to remember that just because you’re drinking lots of water doesn’t mean you can become complacent with your oral health regime. Twice daily tooth brushing and daily flossing, as well as keeping up with regular dental appointments, are essential for a healthy mouth. 

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