Why Using a Soft Toothbrush is Best for Your Teeth and Gums

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Resources

It can be a contentious argument. Some people will only use a hard toothbrush because it gives that “clean feeling”, while others may find hard toothbrushes painful to use. Well, if you prefer soft then you’re in luck because it is what most dentists recommend.

As a general rule, a soft toothbrush is best. They are gentler on your teeth and gums, therefore less likely to cause damage. A soft brush head can actually do a better job than a hard one if the correct technique is used. Your teeth and gums will thank you later.

As your family dentist in Mona Vale, we share some information on why using a soft toothbrush is best. 

Hard Toothbrushes Can Cause Damage

Too much of a good thing can be bad. This is certainly the case when it comes to teeth brushing. Over-brushing or overly vigorous brushing can cause significant damage. Especially when paired with a hard-bristled brush head. A periodontal study conducted by the National Library of Medicine found that using a hard toothbrush can cause soft tissue trauma. This can lead to an increased risk of damage to the gums and teeth. 

Trauma to the soft tissues can lead to the recession of your gums. This can then expose the root surface of the tooth leading to increased tooth wear and sensitivity.  It is best to use a soft toothbrush to prevent this from happening. Prevention is always better than trying to find a solution once the damage is done. Periodontal treatments can be painful and costly. Using a soft toothbrush can help you avoid it. 

Enamel is the clear outer layer of your teeth. It is also the strongest substance in your body. Once tooth enamel is damaged it cannot be recovered. Your enamel must be preserved to help keep your teeth strong and healthy. You can do this by forming good oral health habits- like using a soft toothbrush and the correct technique. 

But a Soft Toothbrush Won’t Last as Long as A Hard One…

Well, this is a good thing. It is recommended that you replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. Bacteria builds-up on your toothbrush, so it is more hygenic to change your toothbrush every 4 months. Especially because we tend to leave them exposed in a cup or lying around on a bathroom benchtop. 

Having a soft-bristled toothbrush will help you remember when it is time to replace it. The bristles will become bent and worn after a few months. Then you know it’s time to grab a new one. 

Soft Brushes are More Comfortable

Soft toothbrushes generally feel better than hard ones. They are more comfortable for your teeth and gums. Why not stick with a product that actually feels good?

This is especially true for kids. Kids often don’t like brushing their teeth. It can be a battle to get them to brush every day. One reason for this is they may find it uncomfortable. A soft toothbrush head might be a more pleasant option for them. You want your kids to enjoy their oral hygiene regime, so they form good habits that last into adulthood.

It’s All About Brushing Technique

Many people say they prefer hard brushes because it gives you a more thorough clean. If you use a good brushing technique, then a soft brush will do the exact same thing. So, what is the correct brushing technique?

  • Use a fluoride-based toothpaste
  • Angle your toothbrush towards your gums
  • Use gentle, circular motions
  • Make sure to reach your back molars
  • Don’t forget the back surfaces of your teeth
  • Brush your tongue to get rid of bacteria build-up
  • Rinse with water
  • Aim for 2 minutes

If you do all these things, then a soft toothbrush will be perfectly sufficient. In fact, if you use this technique with a hard brush you may be doing more damage than good. 

Wrapping Up 

Choosing a toothbrush that is soft is what most dental professionals recommend. A hard-bristled toothbrush can lead to dental issues such as gum recession and tooth decay. It is especially important to use a soft toothbrush if you have sensitive teeth and gums. A soft toothbrush will do the same, if not better, job as a hard one, as long as you are brushing your teeth correctly. 

We think soft brushes feel better anyway!

If you have questions or concerns about your teeth, gums or overall oral health then give us a call. Our friendly team of dentists here at Beaches Dental Mona Vale are always happy to help.