Tips to Recover Quicker After Wisdom Teeth Removal

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Resources

At Beaches Dental Mona Vale, we have an onsite OPG and 3D X-ray machine that allows us to take full mouth X-rays. This means we can accurately assess your wisdom teeth and whether they may need removing. We may recommend wisdom teeth removal for a few reasons. These may include, for example, cavities, infections and impaction. Impaction is when your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room or are on the wrong angle to come through.

If you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, our experienced dentists can do this for you in our comfortable treatment rooms. Alternatively, we can refer you to an oral surgeon for treatment in hospital.

Tips for Speeding Up Your Recovery

After wisdom teeth removal, it’s normal to experience some swelling and discomfort. But the great news is, there are steps you can follow that can help you in your recovery. Recovery times vary but usually take around two weeks. The first 24 hours post wisdom teeth removal is crucial to the recovery process!

Read on for some simple, yet effective tips for the best possible recovery.

Plan Ahead

Our dentists make sure that you understand what your wisdom teeth removal procedure consists of and the aftercare you will need. This allows you to prepare for the best recovery possible with all the information you need at hand.

You should ensure that you have someone to drive you home after your procedure, someone to stay with you for the rest of the day if need be, and the right recovery food at home. Being organised and prepared is key to a successful recovery.


We understand that it may be tempting to rush your recovery to get back to normal life as soon as possible. But getting good rest in the initial phases of your recovery is the best way to get you back up and running quickly.

Take a few days off work and avoid any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting.


For the first few days after your wisdom teeth removal procedure, you need to ensure the extraction area is not aggravated. We recommend eating soft or liquid foods that don’t need too much chewing, such as smoothies and omelettes. It’s also important to not consume hot food or drinks like soups or coffee and tea for the first 24 hours. Once the numbness from the local anaesthetic has worn off cold food like custard, yoghurt and ice cream can also help.

Hydration can help to promote recovery as well. So, ensure you drink enough water and stay well hydrated. But, avoid using a straw as this sucking motion can disturb the extraction area.

Reducing Swelling

As mentioned, it’s normal to experience some swelling and discomfort for several days after your wisdom teeth removal. But luckily there are some things you can do to help reduce this!

We advise our patients to keep a few ice packs on hand to soothe the area. These can be gently placed against the outside of your cheek/jaw near the swelling at regular intervals throughout the first few days.

Mouth Care

In the 24 hours immediately following your wisdom teeth removal, you shouldn’t rinse your mouth. But you can gently brush your teeth avoiding the extraction sites and not spitting the toothpaste out (rather just let any excess toothpaste just fall out of your mouth). The area needs this time to settle for healing to begin.

Once 24 hours have gone by, you can begin very gently rinsing out your mouth with warm salty water. This can help remove traces of blood or food remnants and acts as a great disinfectant. Don`t forget to continue carefully brushing your teeth, making sure to avoid the extraction area to help keep your mouth clean.

Stick to Your Dentist’s Recovery Instructions

As each patient is unique, recovery times and processes may differ. Your dentist will be able to provide you with all the instructions you need for a quick and easy recovery. It’s important to follow these instructions.

If you have been prescribed a course of antibiotics by your dentist or oral surgeon, you need to ensure that you finish the course.

After a week or so, your dentist may request that you come in for a follow-up appointment. This allows them to assess your recovery and remove any remaining stitches.

A Quick Recap of The Do’s & Don’ts

Complications with wisdom teeth removal recovery can happen. The do’s and don’ts below are simple yet effective ways to ensure your best chance at a great recovery.


  • Be organised and plan ahead
  • Get lots of rest
  • Eat soft and liquid foods
  • Use ice packs
  • Use a mouth rinse after 24 hours
  • Gentle brushing avoiding the extraction sites with no spitting
  • Follow your dentist’s instructions


  • Do strenuous exercise or heavy lifting
  • Consume hot food or liquids for the first 24hours
  • Use straws
  • Smoke or consume alcohol
  • Rinse your mouth within the first 24 hours

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Beaches Dental Mona Vale

Our friendly and gentle dentists have a lot of experience in wisdom teeth removal. We are here to make sure you always understand every part of the procedure and feel as comfortable as possible.

Looking for wisdom teeth removal options in the Northern Beaches? Contact our warm and welcoming dental practice to see how we can help you. Our front desk staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.