Sleep Dentistry: The Answer To Your Pain-Free Dental Experience

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Resources

Does thinking of having a filling make your body clench in fear? Many people are so scared about going to the dentist that they avoid dental treatment until they have pain.. Research shows that dental anxiety is so severe that 1 in 3 people would instead let their teeth go untreated than see a dentist! 

Sleep dentistry (IV sedation) is a solution for people who have dental anxiety or phobia. It helps take away most of their anxiety. Sedation can be used for everything from invasive procedures like wisdom teeth removal and implants to basic tooth fillings. How it is used will depend on the severity of the fear.

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep Dentistry, also known as IV sedation , has different levels of administration and is carefully selected to suit each patient. IV sedation means you aren’t fully asleep but will usually remember very little of the procedure otherwise.

If deeper sedation is needed, where the patient is in a deep unconscious state a hospital setting for treatment is required. The procedure is referred to as general anaesthesia and is  often described as “going under” or “putting to sleep”.

What are the benefits of Sleep Dentistry?

The significant benefit of undergoing a sleep dentistry procedure is that it does not always require you to be a hospital inpatient. The process can be done in a dental chair. Once your procedure is completed, you’ll be ready to head home under the supervision of an adult after a short recovery period.

One of our qualified and experienced Sedationists administers all required sedatives. She has worked for a number of years providing dental sedation to allow patients to have a better dental experience and more comfortable treatment. 

 Sedation dentistry will ensure that your dental care is without pain or anxiety.

What Does Sleep Dentistry Feel Like?

Patients who undergo treatment under IV sedation  may tell you that they feel more relaxed and had reduced dental anxiety. They often have no sense of time under sedation, and few memories of their experience after the sedation wears off.

What Procedures Does Sleep Dentistry Help With?

  • Cosmetic Dentistry: This procedure improves the smile appearance of patients. The main benefit of cosmetic dentistry is it allows your dentist to change the  colour, position, shape, size, alignment of your teethand overall smile appearance. Sedation helps to relieve any pain or anxiety while undergoing treatment.. 
  • Root canal treatment: a procedure to remove the infection from the pulp chamber and root canal system of the affected tooth. While Root Canals are no longer the painful experience they once were, sedation can help decrease the fear associated with the name.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal: This  procedure is often done with nothing but local anaesthetic, but if you are having multiple teeth extracted sedation makes for a more comfortable experience..
  • Gum treatment: Severe periodontal disease can sometimes involve quite aggressive cleaning treatments. The discomfort such cleaning can cause may be alleviated by sedation.
  • Implants: The use of Iv  sedation to install the anchors (implants)  can help decrease some of the pain and anxiety related to the procedure. 

 Who is a Good Candidate for Sleep Dentistry?

Patients who have dental anxiety or phobia  or have difficulty becoming numb may be good candidates. Sedation works well for patients with very sensitive gag reflexes or physical limitations, such as back, neck or jaw pain which stop them from opening their mouth wider during dental procedures. It also works well for patients requiring a lot of treatments at once such as  multiple fillings and/or extractions.Is Sleep Dentistry Right for Me?

If you are enduring pain from an infected or discoloured tooth that you know is a health risk, it is crucial to speak with your dentist. It will always be better to opt for sleep dentistry than to put off a much-needed appointment. Your dentist will advise which type of sedation is best for you for the  dental procedure you need.  


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