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by | Sep 25, 2020 | Resources

If you experience a regular and ongoing toothache, gum inflammation or tooth sensitivity, you may need a root canal treatment.

It’s not uncommon to find the idea of needing root canal therapy a bit unsettling. But, at Beaches Dental Mona Vale, we are equipped with the technology and techniques to help make this procedure as undaunting as possible. 

In this article, we discuss what root canal therapy is, why you might need it and how our dental practice in Mona Vale can help you.

What Is Root Canal Therapy? 

Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment that we use to remove infected tooth pulp and prevent further infection. 

Once a tooth is fully developed, i.e. come through the gums and the roots fully form, its nerve is not as critical to the tooth’s ability to function. So, it can be removed during root canal therapy and you still have a functioning tooth.  

Root canal therapy in times gone past has not always been an option. This meant dentists were often left with no choice but to remove severely decayed or damaged teeth. Luckily, modern-day dentistry has provided dentists with this safe way of rescuing teeth and prolonging the life of natural, healthy smiles.

What is The Process for Root Canal Treatment?

 A root canal is a procedure carried out over two or three appointments. After your initial assessment with your dentist, root canal therapy usually looks something like this: 

  • The area surrounding the tooth needing treatment will be numbed with a local anaesthetic
  • Your dentist will remove the infected pulp and bits of damaged tooth
  • They then clean and medicate the tooth before they seal it to prevent more bacteria from entering
  • Your dentist will fill the cavity with a temporary dental filling to keep it safe and clean between your root canal appointments
  • Once your root canal therapy is complete your dentist will replace the temporary dental filling with a permanent one
  • The last step involves protecting the completed root canal with a crown that covers the tooth. This is to protect it from fracturing and also helps the tooth have a  more natural look and feel

After each procedure, once your anaesthetic wears off, you may feel some discomfort as the area begins to heal.

Is Having Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

A question we often get asked is, “what happens if I leave my root canal untreated?”. The unfortunate truth is that your tooth is unable to heal itself and infection spreads. 

So, ultimately, leaving your tooth untreated may result in the tooth becoming more decayed and unrestorable. This may result in the spreading of infection and the removal of your tooth.

When tooth decay reaches your tooth’s pulp, bacteria enter and infect the nerve space. Your tooth’s nerve tissues then begin to break down. Infection can spread through the tooth and into the surrounding bone and even tissues if left untreated. 

When the infection spreads beyond the ends of the roots of your tooth, you may develop an abscess, a painful pus-filled sack within your gum.

Ignoring the need for root canal therapy can result in: 

  • Infection that can spread into surrounding bone and tissue 
  • Abscesses at the root of your tooth 
  • Neck and face pain 
  • Fever
  • Neck and face swelling 
  • Bone loss around the tooth
  • General unwell feeling
  •  Spread of infection to other parts of the body

Do I Need Root Canal Treatment? 

It’s important to seek dental assistance if you suffer from one or more of the following symptoms as they are common signs of potentially needing root canal treatment: 

  • Ongoing toothache 
  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity to temperature especially hot foods or drinks
  • Swollen gum
  • A darkening tooth 
  • A tooth that is painful to bite on

Root Canal Therapy Northern Beaches

Choosing the right dentist for your root canal treatment is important. If you need root canal treatment in the Northern Beaches region, our Mona Vale dentists are more than ready to help you. 

Our dental team is friendly, gentle and have extensive experience in root canal therapy. We love welcoming new patients to our practice in Mona Vale which boasts a welcoming and relaxing environment. 

Our treatment rooms host a lot of amazing, high-tech pieces of equipment. During root canal therapy, our dentists have access to a root canal specific microscope, apex locator and rotary endodontic systems. 

We understand that patients may feel uneasy about having root canal treatment. But we’re here to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible from start to finish. 

If your mouth is giving you warning signs, don’t ignore them. Contact us today to book a consultation so you can keep smiling!