Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Extraction

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Resources

Tooth extraction involves the removal of an adult or baby tooth by a dentist or a dental specialist. When a child loses a tooth, a permanent tooth will usually grow into its place in time. However, when an adult tooth needs extraction, there is no successor. 

At Beaches Dental Mona Vale, our ultimate goal is to preserve your teeth. But if extraction is unavoidable, you’re in safe hands with our experienced dentists. In this article, we share why tooth extraction may be necessary, how it’s done, and options for replacing missing adult teeth

Why A Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary 

Our dentists in our Mona Vale clinic will conduct a thorough oral assessment before recommending a tooth extraction. Removing teeth is only ever done as a last resort when, for example: 

  • Tooth decay has spread deep within your tooth to the point it is untreatable
  • The infection has damaged a large area of your tooth and/or the surrounding bone
  • Your tooth has sustained damage through a trauma injury and is not savable
  • You have an impacted tooth (common with wisdom teeth)
  • Overcrowding of teeth is causing you dental issues
  • In preparation for orthodontic treatment

Extracting a tooth that is impacted or severely damaged or decayed can help prevent infection and damage to your surrounding teeth, gums and bone. 

Having a Tooth Extraction 

At our Northern Beaches dental practice, we have an onsite full mouth 3D CBCT and OPG x-ray machine. These allow us to assess the size and shape of your tooth as well as its position and the surrounding bone. If you need to have one or more teeth removed, we can offer tooth extraction in our treatment rooms in Mona Vale. Alternatively, we can refer you to an oral surgeon for treatment in hospital, if needed. 

Before extraction, your dentist will numb the area with a local anaesthetic. For nervous patients or those having multiple teeth extracted in one visit, we can also offer IV sedation. Our dental team understands that having a tooth removed may be a daunting experience for some. Patient comfort is of high priority to us and we do all we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Depending on the kind of tooth extraction you have, your dentist may close the site with a stitch. Your dentist will give you a piece of gauze to bite down onto. This will reduce any bleeding and encourage clotting to take place. During the initial 24 hours post-extraction, you shouldn’t smoke, chew hard foods, toothbrush the area or rinse out your mouth vigorously. Keeping the area clean immediately after extraction is important to prevent infection.

It’s normal to feel some discomfort after an extraction. Your dentist may prescribe a painkiller for you or recommend you apply an ice pack to the area.

Replacing Missing Teeth 

Having a missing tooth as an adult may leave you feeling embarrassed to smile. In cases of several missing teeth, it may also affect your ability to eat and speak with ease. Adult teeth don’t have successors, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Sometimes, a missing tooth won’t cause you any issues at all. But if it does, the good news is that at our Mona Vale dental practice, we can offer several reliable options for replacing missing teeth. These include: 

  • Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Dental Implants

Our dentists take the time to get to know you and listen to your concerns. They will be able to guide you towards the option most suitable to your needs, lifestyle and budget. 

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