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by | Jun 25, 2020 | Resources

There are few of us lucky enough to keep all 32 of our teeth through life. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has revealed that in Australia 1 in 25 people aged over 15 have no natural teeth left whether this is due to gum disease, decay or dental abnormalities.

Having one or several teeth missing affects your life in many ways. It changes your smile and your ability to chew and speak, impacting your confidence. It can also affect your oral health as tooth loss may result in an altered bite as well as a weakened jawbone, each accompanied by dental issues of their own. 

The good news is, there is no need for a missing tooth to affect your life and the way you feel about yourself. Our experienced dentists at Beaches Dental Mona Vale can offer you advanced prosthetic dentistry, tailored 100% to your lifestyle and budget.


These are custom-made, removable teeth that are attached to a flesh-coloured plate that goes over your gums. You can wear them at all times during the day, but need to remove them at night to preserve the health of your gums. If you are suffering from significant tooth loss, dentures may be a good option for you. 

The most common types of dentures we provide are full or partial. Your dentist can determine your suitability and the best type of dentures for you in a thorough consultation and oral assessment. 

The advances in prosthetic dentistry have seen dentures become increasingly comfortable to wear and more natural-looking than ever. The process takes a few weeks from start to finish over a few appointments but is simple and painless. 


A bridge is a prosthetic device that consists of porcelain crowns, joined by a false tooth. It gets bonded in place over your teeth on either side of a gap created by a missing tooth. Our dentists use dental bridges to restore the smiles of patients who only have one or two teeth missing.

The process starts with a consultation. Impressions of your teeth then get taken for the making of your bridge in a dental laboratory. And once made, the bridge gets placed and adjusted for the perfect fit. This process takes place over a few appointments which result in minimal downtime and discomfort. 

A good quality dental bridge can last you more than 10 years if you maintain a good oral hygiene routine. 

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium anchor that attaches to your jawbone and gum tissue and gets topped with a porcelain crown. It provides a very long-lasting and durable replacement for a missing tooth that is as natural looking as it is feeling. 

Our dentists use dental implants to treat suitable patients who have one or more missing teeth. The process is a little involved, taking a few months from start to finish. But, your new tooth or teeth will reward you for many years to come. 

When it comes to dental implants, quality is everything. A dental implant needs to integrate with your bone. This requires the work of an experienced and skilled dentist. Quality dental implant work also prevents your chances of implant breakage and gum infection. 


As you can see, there is a range of options available to restore the look and function of your smile to its former glory. At Beaches Dental Mona Vale, we genuinely care about our patients’ results and can tailor options to suit all budgets and treatment outcomes. 

To discuss the best option for you, contact our friendly team to book in a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile you deserve.