To ALL of Our Amazing Patients,

It is with great happiness that we are excited to announce that the Dental Board of Australia and Australian Dental Association have scaled back restrictions on Dentistry from level 3 to level 2 as of April 27th 2020.

Our doors are open and we will be here from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday – Friday to help you when you need us. We ask for you patience over this time as we are spacing appointments to limit patients in the waiting room as well as increased procedures in the surgery in an effort to minimise risk to staff and patients of COVID-19 spread.

WE ARE STILL LIMITED TO WHAT TREATMENT WE CAN PROVIDE in an effort to maintain the falling COVID-19 numbers. The ADA Classification for provision of Dental Care under Level 2 Restrictions is as follows:

Provision of dental treatments that are unlikely to generate aerosols or where aerosols generated have the presence of minimal saliva/blood due to the use of rubber dam.

This includes:

  • Examinations/Check up
  • Simple non-invasive fillings without use of high-speed handpieces
  • Restorative procedures using high speed handpieces only provided with the use of rubber dam – Non-surgical extractions – Hand scaling (no use of ultrasonic scalers)
  • Medical management of soft tissue presentations (such as ulcers)
  • Temporomandibular dysfunction management
  • Denture procedures
  • Preventative procedures such as the application of topical remineralising agents e.g. fluoride
  • Orthodontic treatment

Unfortunately we do still need to DEFER all treatments that are likely to generate aerosols which may include the use of

  • High-speed handpieces without the use of rubber dam
  • Ultrasonic scalers for cleaning/debridement of teeth
  • Surgical handpieces All surgical extractions should be referred to specialist oral surgeons/oral and maxillofacial surgeons who will undertake these procedures using transmission based precautions.
  • Elective implant dental treatment.

COVID-19 is still a risk to our community and as such we will be screening patients prior to their appointments. We ask that if you are feeling unwell you please defer your appointment until you are feeling better.

WE ARE SO HAPPY TO BE BACK and would like to remind everyone its still important to STAY SAFE and LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER. Together we will continue to get through this and the Team at Beaches Dental are here to help you as much as we can.

REMEMBER: Brushing Twice per day and flossing reduces the risk of getting holes and can also help slow any holes getting bigger. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for for updates of what’s happening in the surgery.